The Point of the Hustle



Acrylic painting by Laura Tetrault "Mirage?"

It is the time of year where if you run a business, like I do, you get bombarded by lists. Things to do to improve your views, your listings, your online shop, to optimize, to catch the eyes of your buyers… do do do.

Frankly it is overwhelming.

And then there is the guilt – I have read this information, I now know what to do, and I am going to delete this email and do nothing.

But the bonus of all this unsolicited advice is the reminder that even when it doesn’t feel like it, or when you question the outcome of all the behind the scenes work  you do…

What you do today matters.

It adds up. One item at a time.

This is my “one item” to let you know that I’ve been doing a lot of work in my shop and I will be having a Black Friday Weekend sale (starting Thursday and ending Monday night) where shipping on everything I make will be free. Use coupon code ETSYFREESHIP at checkout to get the deal. (If you are looking at canvas paintings that can be a big deal – $20-$40.)

Please stop in and take a look around . There are also bundle deals on different series of work. I’m trying new things so if you like the idea of getting a series bundle I’d love to know that it works for you.

So Now I have done My ONE thing.

What one thing will you do today to make your life better, your business a little better, your mind a little clearer?


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