Selecting Art For Your Home

When I did a quick search on selecting art for your home I found various articles that basically copied each other stating almost exactly the same thing. So my challenge is to add something else to the knowledge that is already out there.

I’ll use some of the same key points as other articles but I’ll add some new twists and hopefully a fresh perspective.

How To Find Art You Love:

See as much of it as you can.

There are lots of different places to see art and get a feel for things that appeal to you. Here are just a few ideas.

·         Museums

·         Commercial Galleries

·         Art Schools

·         Coffee Shops

·         Libraries

·         Other public spaces like city hall, municipal buildings etc.

·         The Internet (Ebay, Mosaic Globe, and  Boundless Gallery are just a few ideas to start)

When you can, go see art in person. Galleries often host open houses and artist’s receptions where the artist displayed in the gallery is present for the evening.  Ask to be notified of upcoming shows and events.


How To Select Art By Size/Colour/Room:

Most artists hope that you purchase art you love first, and find a wall for it afterward, but shopping for art can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to choose from.  Selecting a room or a colour scheme can give you a starting place for looking at art.

You could carry around a paint swatch of your wall colour and exact measurements of the wall everywhere you go but that might be a little impractical. Avoid looking for a perfect colour match. Instead, try thinking of basic colour families like browns, blues, greens, reds or substitute your favourite colour as well as colours that play nice together.

Colours also have specific personalities, so thinking about the kind of mood you would like your room to have may also help you as you shop.  Check out the article on colour personalities for a more in depth look at how to use colour in your decor.

 Also be willing to try different ideas – perhaps you will start out looking for a large piece of art and discover a grouping of smaller paintings along the way that will work better. 


How To Make It All Work :

When you find that piece you really love there are lots of options open for finding a place for it in your home, especially if it doesn’t work the way you want it to in the space you had in mind.

·         Frame it – the frame can be a unifying factor between your room and your art. It gives the art a little extra needed space from the colour of your wall.

·         Move it – try it in other rooms, in hallways, in the bedroom instead of the dining room etc. It is usually a good idea to avoid hanging original art in the kitchen and baths in your home as steam and art don’t mix well.

·         HGTV it- make your space fit the art you love. Change a wall colour, move some furniture around, get really crazy and put in the hardwood you’ve been wanting.

Most importantly, now that you have found art you love, show it off. Make it the focal point of your room and enjoy it.


PS! For more info on choosing artwork for your home check out 5 Ways To Start Your Art Collection On A Budget


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