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The Wildflower Diaries Wild Chamomile

What stories do flowers tell? Especially the ordinary wildflowers that pop up everywhere?

What if you looked at them closely? What would you remember? What would it be like to grow up discovering them?

Playing with these questions sparked my latest series, The Wildflower Diaries. So I began thinking and researching and writing down my own memories of growing up in the country, and things I associate with certain types of wildflowers, most of which, I only knew by site and not by name.

In my wanderings I found John Wright’s collection of photographs at . His photos, and those of his contributors are a wealth of summertime memory provokers.  So I sent hima note asking if I could use his photos for reference for this series and he graciously granted his permission.

If you’ve been following along for a little while you might recognize this canvas as the one I used for the matte medium transfer demo. Or maybe you don’t – my paintings tend to change a lot through the beginning stages as I play with colour and make adjustments.  Unlike Crown Vetch, which is also part of the Wildflower diaries, I did not use an image transfer to create the flowers. I painted them almost exactly as I had sketched them out. More and more I find that people who insist on sketchbooks as part of the process of creating art are on to something.

What summer memories do you have? What did you do as a child?

Isn’t it crazy how we don’t realize how good we had it as children until we become adults?


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  1. for me the sketcbook and pencils are most important. this is where i formulate all of my projects. the strange thing is sometimes the sketches can be finshed works in their own right

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