How To Get Out Of The Dark: Information

This one is a fun one!

There are lots of people doing cool stuff and talking about it online. The info may come at you quickly and it should take you a little while to visit different sites to check everything else. That’s great. New info takes a while to digest.

For You Creative Business Types:

We’ll start with my newest find first. Go see Yamile Yemoonyah’s Blog. She’s got great articles on web 2.0 and how to market your small business on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. I’ve just started exploring her posts and she has a lot of great stuff.

Yamile’s site is geared to artists because she is one but the information is useful for lots of other businesses too. It shouldn’t stretch your head too much to translate her information into YOUR information.  I love finding new stuff!

Another one of my all time faves is IttyBiz. Naomi Dunford dishes out all kinds of kick in the pants small business advice and she’s pretty fantastic in person too.  Personally, I prefer to subscribe to her blog via email because I’d hate to miss anything – but that is completely up to you. Naomi’s goal is to help small businesses with affordable marketing suggestions, e-classes (I guess that is what they are called) ebooks and consulting. Previously she was a London Ontario girl but lately she is much closer to the other London geographically. Definitely check her out!

To narrow the focus back down to artists again – may I suggest Alyson B. Stanfield’s site Out of all the art business sites I subscribe to her information is the most frequent and very useful. I don’t know how I got along without her.  I have yet to take any courses from her but she supplies me with new FREE information every week and it is not 90% pR and 10% actual useful stuff (like many sites).

Other Art Sites to check out:

Find competitions, job openings, Canadian and International  Calls for Artists at Instant Coffee.

Get more Art Advice from Aletta de Wal and Sylvia White

To get connected to other artists in the London, Ontario area, hear about workshops, classes and local opportunities drop in to London Arts Council.

Get inspired by Robert Burridge’s Artsy Fartsy Newsletter

Have fun surfing the net and if you have found great stuff let me know about it!


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    • Thanks for the great articles =) I’m sure they will continue to help people empower themselves.

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