Days 80-90 Time to Change Gears

mixed media art, assemblage and painting, Laura Tetrault Artist
Days 80-90 Construct I

I need a change – 80 individual paintings is a lot for one girl to produce and the project was losing a bit of it’s shine.

So I decided to work on one piece and make changes to it every day for ten days, instead of making 10 individual paintings.

AND I even photographed the process of how I did what I did so that I could share it with you.  So look for some tutorials to come in the next few days. I hope you try it out for yourself.

I actually ended up with two finished pieces at the end of the ten days, since I started out with a whole bunch of small parts. Those small art components turned out to be like pieces of a puzzle that I got to move around and adjust to get things just the way I liked them.

The other advantage of working in small spots for me was that since I was going away I could take the pieces with me and still continue to work on them daily. All around I loved it!

I’ll save the how it all works for the tutorials I have coming, but let me at least tell you what’s in it.

My original photos, two types of washi tape, several disected thrift store watches, a clock, a lovely twine knot found on my favorite beach, acrylic paints and mediums, small hinges, lace and stencils.  I think that qualifies for mixed media, don’t you?


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