Day 95: Astral

acrylic painting, Laura Tetrault painter, Art work Title Astral
Day 95: Astral

The first thing I think of when I think of Astral is that it was hard to photograph! The pink… wow. It works in real life, but when it is photographed…. hmm. The colour can go wrong so many ways. I’m still not convinced it is the right pink.  I’m also experimenting with Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics – they are acrylic paints that you can reactivate after they dry, if you do it within a certain period of time.  I have a super pared down palette – red, blue, yellow and white. So I’m experimenting. So far, they are ok – but I don’t think I will switch from Golden. The Chroma paints are sticky and that’s an adjustment. And since I don’t usually have trouble with the drying time being quick (being the patient person that I am! ) I don’t see a huge advantage in changing.

But I do love the idea of the mythic woman, stepping out of the mist. Serene. A little bit Aeowyn… a little bit unreal. It is an idea that I have played with before and one that I will always play with, I think. But maybe not in so much pink. 🙂 Maybe green or blue or violet or grey. All good options. I like grey right off the top of my head.



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