Day 7 and 8 of 100: Sweetheart and Crocus

Laura Tetrault Day 7 Sweetheart

Yesterday was a day. I could detail my connection and uploading problems – but why? Today everything is working. Yay.

When I was painting Sweetheart I was thinking about layers of coloured silk. How would their colours change if they were laid on top of each other in thin layers? With that in mind I  thinned my acrylics with water and layered them on in washes.  When I thought I had enough layers of paint I added accents with watercolour pencils to give it that drawing/painting look.




Crocus Day 8 - Laura Tetrault

Crocus – I thought I would continue to push myself by doing a few different things.

First, I always start with my image sketched out on my canvas. Today I didn’t. I worked with a sketch from my sketchbook but the only drawing on canvas I did was with my paintbrush.

Second, I chose to work with a colour palette that is pretty far from what I often do. Violet, blue and yellow. I don’t know what it is but I find some colours more difficult than others. Does that happen to anyone else?

This is the result of my experimenting – the painting had a few iffy moments – but as I am working through these paintings I have discovered that if I hang in long enough things seem to turn out ok in the end. And I’m going into these paintings with the idea that failing is ok. Not everything will work out the way I want, or even at all. So far I haven’t had that happen.

I’m also learning to paint more instinctively- to try the things that are just hunches. What have I got to lose? 🙂




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