Day 67: Light as Air

mixed media, artwork, female figure painting, Laura Tetrault
Day 67: Light as Air: Mixed Media Art by Laura Tetrault

This painting was several days in the making, and for at least some of that time I had my serious doubts about it’s success.

First I laid down a wash with my acrylic paints. Then added the background bubbles.  I was really liking the background and unsure what to add to it.

Eventually I settled on this pose, inspired by a photo of my mom in the gown she wore to my brother’s wedding. As an aside – I think my life could use a few more occasions for fancy dresses!

After doing the acrylic painting I pulled out my marker and defined the hair, some of the figure’s edges and parts of some of the bubbles.

Can you tell that I like the looseness of the acrylic paint and the sharpness of the markers together?


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