Day 65: Play Series: Calla

Day 65: Calla

Calla – one of my favorite flowers. So simple and elegant.

Underneath the layers of paint, there is a drawing – one where I practiced some of the new things I’m learning.

SO learning….

Calla was a painting I worked and worked and worked. I’m sure I over-worked it.

At the end- I thought there was too much paint on the surface so I laid a paper towel across it to blot some off.

Ironically, I like the print that came out on the paper towel better than the actual painting but – what can you do? In the process of learning new things, there are failures, or disappointments or both.

I always feel weird posting these paintings I don’t love. Who posts their “flat notes”, but at the same time I think that putting them out there may be an encouragement to other  people. We all work so hard to put out our best online and appear like we have it together but maybe reality is refreshing? Let me know what you think.


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