Day 64: Play Series: Artist at Play

This time, when I played with paint I went to an entirely different place. An outdoor space, that took up the whole page.

Day 64 Artist at Play











I was sort of resistant to painting this piece – I am not a landscape painter… and mountains….? Well think about it – how many mountain paintings have you seen in Grandma’s house, or at Value Village or Salvation Army?

But I went with where the paint was taking me and ended up with something more Lord of the Rings than real life – which I love. How could I hope to capture the real thing? But achieving what my imagination was showing me… definitely more possible.

Mountains are fantastic – they are amazing to see in person – something about them is breathtaking. They refuse to be fully captured, in my opinion – no matter what  medium you use, paint, pencil, pen, camera…. Maybe the best moments in life are like that, hence the term “mountain top experience” ?

What do you feel on the top of a mountain? Exhaustion? (That’s what I felt my first hiking trip. Then I realized we had to go all the way back down!) Elation? Is it a spiritual experience or an achievement?  Awe?

Imagine yourself on the top of another peak – looking out into a whole range of lovely mountains. If you do that, you will be putting yourself in my shoes for a few moments.

If your heart’s desire is to create a window in your office cube Artist at Play is available in my etsy shop.


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