Day 62: Play Series: Adventurers

Day 62 AdventurersSometimes you just get lucky with your camera. If you take enough photos, draw enough sketches, paint enough paint splatters, in the midst of all the sheets of paper, you’ll find something that really grabs you.

This painting is based on a photo of my daughter, Chloe and her friend. They had climbed on top of the play structure and the photo captured them in a moment of dramatic vision. Will they storm the walls, grow wings and fly off to adventure?? Have they sighted land and treasure, or a secret jungle path? What they see I can’t say, but I can show you what I see – and maybe what you see will spark some of your own early memories. What is it like to feel like this?

Since I was feeling rather adventurous myself, I incorporated a pretty sheet of paper into the painting. I buy these lovely hand made papers, with colours and patterns and I get them home and I look at them and I love them. And I am too intimidated by them to do anything with them.  I ended up painting over it somewhat and then repainting the original lines but in the end I think it worked.

Need some adventure? This painting is for sale here.


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