Day 60: Skyline Series:Paradise

I am worn out with skylines. This seems to happen no matter what series I happen to be working on.  After about day 6 or 7 I find myself pushing to the end and looking forward to whatever the next series is going to be. That doesn’t mean that something good doesn’t come out of it, it just means that it feels like work.












So today’s painting… not exactly a skyline…. but someplace I’ve been before and since this was the last day of this series and I wanted to look at it, it was good enough for me. It is the   Grand Palladium Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And it was ahhhhhhhmazing. I’ve hardly done it any justice sadly.

I am not convinced that I got this painting. But this challenge wasn’t 100 perfect paintings. I look at this and think “learning experience survived.” Then I put it at the back of my book for a while. Sometimes getting out alive is good enough. Here’s to escaping Paradise. Next – on to PLAY!


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