Day 58: Skyline Series: San Francisco

Iconic applies to this skyline. The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty famous – and relatively recognizable, especially for a bridge.

What stands out to me about San Francisco is how cold it was! We went in July and left 80 degree Fahrenheit (26 C) weather to arrive to a warm and friendly 60 degrees (15 C) .  We bought jean jackets in July and in the foggy mornings and breezy dusks I wasn’t convinced those jackets cut it! I was so woefully unprepared. “Who wears coats in California?” I thought to myself more than once on this trip.

I chose cool, almost cold blues for this painting – and heated them up with the oranges and golden yellows. But looking at this painting – I’d still be wanting to put a jacket on. Cities are often lovelier by night. It erases the dust of the day and gives the buildings a glow and a mystery.  There is almost a shadow city in this painting. Do you see it?

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