Day 57: Skyline Series: Chicago

This painting is a little personal.

Ok – they all are in a way – but this is the view from my kitchen/dining room window. The bright lights of the city of Chicago are lovely in the darkness. They don’t replace the stars, but for now they eclipse them.

Chicago is busy. It’s colourful. It’s friendly and interesting and there are a lot of perks to living in a place where you can look down on birds flying.

I love that I can see Lake Michigan from my windows as well as Chicago’s modern and not so modern marvels.  I am amazed at the amount of masonry and ornate carving the old buildings have. And I’m fascinated by the way that architects use colour and shape to intentionally build a skyline – something that Chicagoans are truly proud of.

This painting was drawn by day – but unlike any of the other paintings, it was completed at night – almost in the dark! It was the only way that I could see the colour in the night skyline. If the lights were on in the house, they washed out everything but the specs of light in the other building’s windows.

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