Day 55: Skyline Series: Montreal

Oh I love Montreal!! It is full of romance and beauty. It is modern and gothic. It was a fortified city – with walls to protect it’s people. And the castle-like buildings, including Notre Dame (which is glorious) don’t hurt either!

Day 55: Familiar Skylines: Montreal

Montreal is merry. At least it is in my mind. It is vibrant. It is full of world class hotels, and beautiful cobbled streets; little bakeries and fondue restaurants. Perhaps the best take out lunch is made there. The line wraps around the block for a certain Montreal sandwich. Time can seem to go a bit slower. After all – you can’t get fondue to go. There is joy in good food and good company, surrounded by beautiful things. The French Canadians go out of their way to make it beautiful. (They even cover up scaffolding on prominent buildings undergoing maintenance or repairs with printed screens that show the building in all it’s glory as a giant trompe l’oeil!) I have heard it said that 20 years ago, some guy drove his car through the front doors of the new “modern” city hall because it was ugly. Some people in the city still claim this modern building is an eyesore. 🙂

Easy going people, who have an eye for beauty -my kind of place. I loved every moment I was there – How could the painting be any less joyous?

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