Day 54: Toronto

This is the Canadian city skyline that I am most familiar with. I’ve seen it so many times, in person and on postcards etc.

Day 54: Familiar Skylines: Toronto











But oddly enough, even though it is full of amazing things. I feel like I don’t know it at all. Shopping trip to TO? I’m in.  What do I know about the heart of the city? Union Station. The Fairmount Hotel with friends. Where the Eaton’s Centre is.  But I’ve never toured the city, never visited the CN Tower. Never explored the subway or explored the city for what it is.  I’d love to wander the river front, go to Toronto Island, peek at art in the distillery district.

Blue is a colour for mystery I think. It is a colour that represents calmness. That’s what I think of when I think of a city at night.

For more info on this painting, pay a visit to London . Art . Girl on Etsy.


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