Day 53:Skyline Series – Violet Vancouver

Day 53: Familiar Skylines: Vancouver

Vancouver – city of drama, shrouded in mountains. A mix of urban and granola. I always think of Stanley Park and tandem biking along the paths. What an amazing experience!

It is a mix of old and new – natural and architectural. What better  colour for such a creative city than lavenders, violets and purples.

My only regret about visiting this city was that I didn’t get to visit the public library. Not only do I love books, but the library building looked amazing!

When I was working on this, I created this painting a little differently. This is mostly watercolour – watercolour pencil actually. Some I wet to create the solid colour, other parts I left dry to keep that coloured pencil look. Once I was happy with the colour I pulled out my artist pens and added the detail and energy lines.

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