Day 51:Skylines – Seattle

Day 51: Familiar Skylines: Seattle

I am not a skyline painter. Somehow building shapes confound me where human shapes make sense.

I love the old architecture, and I’m amazed by what people do with the new, but how do I make sense of all the angles and lines. What a challenge!

So, why do cityscapes?

Because it was on my “honey do” list. 🙂 Since I was taking suggestions from “strangers on Facebook”, my darling husband naturally wondered when he might get his turn to make a suggestion.

As he often does – he surprised me. He asked me to paint the skylines of the places we’ve visited together. So here we are  – starting with one of my most favourite places. Seattle – the Emerald City. Artsy. Techie. Retro. A place of Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing. Fields of tulips. Flowers in February. A place where cute little doggie dishes are standard issue for outdoor shops. Where everything is green.

Enjoy 🙂

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