Day 5 of 100 – Ruffled Tulip

LauraTetrault Ruffle Tulip I am sure that “Ruffled Tulip” is not exactly the name for this tulip, but it made sense as a title for this piece to me. The flower is unusual in my opinion – tulips so often have those sleek, art deco, minimalist lines and bold colours and this tulip is more elegant and frilly. And pink pastel-ly.  More like an iris.

I started with a really detailed drawing and I have to remember not to do that again. I drew it and then couldn’t remember which end was up without the reference photo! For me there is a very big difference between drawing and painting. Drawing for me is more analytical, and painting is more about how I feel about a subject or what it needs to say.

Find the essence of something – whatever it is that grabs you, and work with that – new motto for painting 😉

This painting is 7×5 inches on 300lb Arches Watercolour paper. Just in case you’re curious. And all the paintings will be available as I create them at London.Art.Girl my etsy shop .


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