Day 48: Dreamscapes Series: Cinderella’s Journey

Day 48: Dreamscapes: Cinderella's Journey

Today I’m starting with watercolour paper that I splotched and spattered and stretched yesterday. I do love this pink. I love the warmth and I really love the way the paint ran in the lower right corner.

This piece is as big as the largest piece I’ve done in this 100 paintings project – 12 x 16 inches.

I found the flower shapes, then an arrow, then some shapes that reminded me of chandeliers and then I found the woman, and I knew that she had a story. So I added the “bricks” in the path that leads up to the right.

It was fun to follow one mark to the next in this painting. It was also nice to be back with colours that are my friends – so to speak. Colours I understand and know well, not just from a theory perspective, but also from having used them. Part of me can breathe again!

This painting sold within hours of posting it to etsy but there are prints, and canvas wrap prints available


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