Day 47: Dreamscapes: Not Everything Comes Up Roses

Day 47: Dreamscapes: Untitled









This one didn’t work. I don’t know why.

Maybe I overworked it.

Maybe it was because I find it hard to do anything with green and I usually avoid brown as much as I can.

Maybe I just wasn’t inspired – or it could have been a really boring part in my audio book. I can’t remember.

But what I do know is that I expected some failures. And I’m ok with failing sometimes. I didn’t think I’d ever own up to that. I used to think that all failures could be avoided if I worked them hard enough and long enough. Sometimes, my ability to hang in with a painting is rewarded with a measure of brilliance, other times it’s rewarded with a pile of mud.

I have discovered, though, that if I don’t stick it out to the end I never get to know which treasure awaits me.


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