Day 46: Dreamscapes Series: Sea, Sky and Mist

Day 46: Dreamscapes: Sea, Sky and Mist











This painting was fun. I broke the rules on this one, a lot.  I had an eye shadow stick in my purse. SO I scribbled around with it. Not only is it unconventional because it is make-up, but also because it is oil based.

Then I did something really bad and painted acrylics over it. Acrylics don’t go over oils. There is nothing for them to adhere to and so if they get disturbed they get scratched off. But they did create a lovely speckled surface.

Then I pushed my luck further and pulled out my drawing pen. There were times I could feel the oil based make-up underneath the paint moving around. I almost scratched all the way through a couple of times.

It was fun – but I think this is a one of a kind piece. Too tricky to replicate and probably too fragile for any place other than a sketchbook.


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