Day 42: Dreamscapes Series: What Would Alice Say?

Day 42: Dreamscapes: What Would Alice Say?


What would Alice say? Well, whatever it is, it is loud. And is that the Jabberwocky exiting stage right? Who can say for sure?

There is nothing like limited materials and a change of location to get work that looks like nothing I’ve done before.

I’ve had this moleskine for a while now, with pages that I had half way prepared with image transfers and paint.  Since I was travelling when I did this, I didn’t have any other paint. Just watercolour pencils and my favourite drawing pen.

At a loss for a place to start, I stared at the page looking for shapes and Alice and the monster emerged.  What a different way of working. Instead of creating something from nothing, this time I am forced to look for and work with what is already there on the page.

It seems backwards. But I think I like it 🙂 Are you surprised?


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