Day 35: Silence Filled The Space Between

Day 35 Silence Filled The Space Between

I like the ellipses. I like the possibility of things left unsaid, or yet to be said. The fill in the blank of it all. When I looked at this finished painting it no longer fit what I had originally wrote, but I was a bit at a loss.

There was clearly a conversation going on between the figures, but what kind? Catty? Challenging? Inquisitive? A First Meeting? A meeting at high noon? Bobbins and needles at 12 o’clock? 4

One figure is more shadowed, the other lit up, almost as if she’s standing under a street lamp.

I didn’t come to a clear conclusion about these forms. I didn’t want them to be decidedly in a cat’s brawl, but I did want the tension.  What do you think? Do the colours hint at anything to you?


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