Day 31: It’s Really Very Simple

Its really very simple

It IS really very simple, for this next set of 10 paintings I will be working with dress forms – but animating them through gesture and text. I needed something light-hearted, something fun, something different -and although dress forms aren’t new to me, this way of approaching them is – at least publicly.

I talk to myself in my sketchbooks – little notes, comments, technical stuff. Whatever I have to do to get the ideas out. But I don’t publicize the writing in my sketchbooks. (I admit that I totally love to look at the writing in other people’s books though! ) As I made the sketches for this set, I was talking to myself as usual and wrote the thoughts down, looked at them and realized that they were a part of the art, and in my own, natural handwriting, not sculpted calligraphy.

So darlings… it really is very simple. I hope you enjoy this week!


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