Day 30: Symbols and Secrets

ImageToday’s challenge was to paint the tools of the artist’s trade and to include yourself creatively. Lately I find myself drawn to orchids as a symbol for myself. When I was younger I would have chosen an iris, and I still love them but as the years have changed me my symbols have changed too. 

I was smarter than usual, I already had my paper stretched and I did a sketch last night. Sometimes I have to find “work arounds” since life happens. Guests come to visit, children have play dates, an uncontrollable urge to super clean all the bathrooms in your house hits you right during painting time. (Ok the last one hasn’t happened to me but I’ve heard it could happen!) Being prepared seems to go a long way towards success. 

We do have guests coming in this week – so I am going to be taking this week off from painting so that I can be a good hostess (instead of being not so secretly annoyed at the interruption of having other people around playing with my regularly scheduled program!) 


But back to the topic at hand…


Have you thought about your “familiars”? What images or items could be symbols for yourself?  It’s kind of fun. What tattoos would you get? 


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  1. Thank you very much 🙂 As I was working this one it became clear that it needed to be more rough than polished. I am happy with how it turned out.

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