Day 3 of 100: Bold Little Tulip

Original Tulip PhotoToday I started with a sketch from a photo I took a long time ago. It is a totally different angle than I would  usually work with and I had this idea that I would do this photo realistic thing…

🙂 So I learned today that sometimes – well, always… it is more inspiring to be myself. It’s good to try new things and push the

Laura Tetrault Art Tulip Day 3boundaries but to be terribly honest – photo realism bores me. I can’t find something to be interested in for that long.

For me, paint needs movement and bold colour and excitement and I just can’t get my head into painting lovely, silky smooth layers of perfect colour.

This is me.

A little abstract, maybe a little loud, and a little Art Deco.  I’m a bold little tulip 😉 at least for today.


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