Day 25: Wish You Were Here

Ok – my secret is out. I am dying to go someplace warm and sunny and escape the grey of winter in the midwest. It is in my thoughts and clearly coming out in my paintings.

ImageToday’s challenge was to use only secondary colours in your painting – so for me that meant green, orange, and purple. Again I am working from an old sketch – this woman some how reminds me of a peacock – so the colours fit right in.

As I was working I played around with the dress and mixed all the colours in together. I don’t think it photographed fantastically this morning but it should be good enough to give you an idea of what I’m doing.  The other thing I thought of as I painted was palm leaves. Since I liked the idea, I left the green forms behind my lady and even worked them a bit more into palm shapes.

Do you ever change your ideas as you work?


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