Day 16: Do You See What I See?

Today was something new- although that could apply to many of these days so far. This time I attempted two children in the same painting.

I love the little girl’s finger pointing in the grass and how her brother gets in front of her just a little to get a better look.

It was also a switch to do smaller faces again after having a rather OCD time with faces over the last few days. I am lucky I wasn’t dreaming about painting faces – although that has been known to happen on occasion! I thought it would be easy switching back, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought and I got lost a time or two.

I need to give myself stricter time limits – otherwise I tend to overwork things that I like and that are working just fine. Nit picking will be the death of me I think. If I am still doing it at day 100 I may just be incurable ( and have to join a 12 step program or something).

I’ve included a detail shot because I’m not convinced that the full photo shows the interesting things going on in the figures that well.  What do you think?

Enjoy 🙂

Day 16 Do You See What I See by Laura TetraultDay 16 Do You See What I See by Laura Tetrault


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