Day 10: Wild Elegance


LauraTetrault - Wild Elegance

Wow – today is day 10 – we are all done with the first series “Flowers”. I am still up in the air for the next series, but don’t worry I have a few hours to figure it out.

Today’s painting – my favorite flowers – Irises, specifically Bearded Irises : ) In my garden they have such a great velvety, elegant rich look – very art deco. Today, as I sat down to paint – I had a few different ways of interpreting these favorite blossoms. My version of realism – where I lose myself in the curls, lines and ruffles of the flowers or gut impressionism. What do I feel about these flowers I’ve long loved.

I made a decision right at the start. (something I learned was important to do yesterday!)

What do you think about this tiny painting – it is on a 5×5 inch canvas.


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