Construct Tutorial: Part Six

This project has been about doing all sorts of things I don’t do. Today – enter METALIC PAINTS… (insert horror music of choice here – something from Hitchcock maybe). See it up there in the corner?

Metalic Paints and breaking personal taboos
Metalic Paints and breaking personal taboos

Don’t get me wrong – I love shiny as much as the next girl… but its a fine line to walk in art. I’ve always felt like I have to resist any magpie-ish tendencies. If I step over the taste line in my own mind, even slightly, I’ve blown it.


Since I’ve been experimenting and breaking the rules anyway…

I also broke a few watches and at least one thrift store clock and used their innards as stamps. 🙂 The hands were lovely for that.

Construct day 90 b

I also spread gloss medium thickly over some areas of the painting and pressed lace into it to give it some texture. I removed the lace and let it all dry.

Then, I added more gold paint 🙂

Livin’ on the wild side…


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