Construct Tutorial: Part Five

Today’s addition, stencils and a lovely knot that I am incapable of tying on my own. I found it near the remains of a bonfire on my favourite beach.

Tab pics 439

I’ve tried to make similar changes to all of the pieces as I’ve gone along, but not everything works for every part. Today I’ve realized that these pieces belong together as one piece of art. Now I’m wondering how other pieces will come together.

If you’re following along, today, take a trip to the dollar store and get yourself some of those stick on stencils, pull out your markers, or pastels or coloured pencils and play a little. See what works with what you have going.  I find myself drawn to markers for this project for some reason. You can add it to just a corner or you can obscure a whole photo with pattern. It’s kind of risky and definitely fun.

And check out the sidewalk on your way out today. You never know what you will find where you happen to be.


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