Clarity and Experiments

Clarity - acrylic painting by Laura Tetrault

 Clarity is that moment at the end of the day….

This night sky is calm and full of wild clouds as the same time, serene but full of texture and emotion. And it was so much fun to paint. 

I think my favourite part is the moon. And I have to say I’m so happy with the way this one turned out. There is a fine line between perfect and overworked – and I struggle with that in my more abstract paintings. This time I landed right on the line!

This is a little experimental for me. “Clarity” is highly texturized, a combination of brush and palette knife painting. I’d love to hear what you think about this. Should I do some more like it?


One response to “Clarity and Experiments”

  1. I think that instead of planning to do more like it, you should let it happen as it will. Maybe this will serve as inspiration to continue or maybe this will be it. I think when it comes to something that is more outside your norm… just let it happen as it may.

    On a side note, i am incredibly impressed with this piece.

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