Bob Dylan, Peacock Feathers and Art!Phart?

This is another “less text, more images” post.

I thought we could all take a break from the How to Be Art Smart  series and actually look at what I’ve been creating in my studio. We’ll pick up Art Smart next week, but for now we’ll take a peek at some recurring image themes in my work. I got to revist peacock feathers which I was really excited about. The last time I was working on a series of those feathers I was still in school!

Bob Dylan presented an interesting challenge for a people painter who doesn’ t paint faces. But I did say I wanted a challenge – I’d love to know what you think, so leave me a note in the comments.

And the flowers- I love flowers. That is not a news flash to any of you who have looked at my gallery. These ones – the Iris and the Orchids have a bit of an exotic flare. I’ve painted Irises before and they are another of the recurring images in my work that I like to revisit every now and then.

First the pictures.

Now for a little bit of business…

What is Art!Phart?

Just in case it is too hard to read the info on the above graphic – here are the pertinent details.

It is THIS Thurs, Feb 25th.

It is a one day show (3-11 pm) at Jim Bob Rays here in beautiful London, Ontario.

Nothing is priced over $200.

Tickets are $5 and you can get them at the Arts Project.

You can come, have a beverage, hear Whiplash perform live and see my art.  That’s of course the main reason to go.

I’ve got some good stuff going in – framed paintings are starting at $59.

For this show I am recreating some of the fan favorites paintings – if you loved the ladies from 30 Days of Art last November now is your chance to get your hands on some. I’ll also be enlarging Spring Orchids and adding two more daisy paintings to go with Amanda.

There are going to be frames that house single paintings, pairs of paintings, and series of three. I hope to drop in sometime during the show – so maybe I’ll see you there!


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