Blue – Cool Glamour

Dedicated to my redhaired mother, who isn't afraid to make a style statement, this gal loves to make her escape in soft blues.

This is Blue – a little bit Betty and Veronica meets Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday with red hair. Confused yet?

Imagine the gilded side of the 1950’s with the beautiful robin’s egg blue convertibles, dashing men and glamorous women. Drives in the country and summer go along with the picture.  There is something about a woman who can arrange her headscarf just so – perfectly positioned not only to look good but also done artfully enough that it stays on as the wind whips by that pretty blue convertible. I don’t think I could manage that, could you?

There is a definite art to eras gone by and because I get to look back at them instead of having lived through them I can imagine them as a collage of all that is best and brightest.  They can almost be modern day fairy tales.


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