Back in Time to Paradise

Even though I have been busy in the studio creating lots of new work I wanted to go back in time and show you one of my favourite paintings.

It is a large watercolour painting – and for those into London Art Girl trivia I was actually trained in watercolour first – before I took any other drawing or painting classes. These days I save watercolours for my sketchbooks, preferring to work with acrylics because they are more tactile, immeadiate and bold…

It’s called Paradise Earth and it was part of a series of paintings based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost (which I was studying at the time with a professor who was rumoured to have “adopted” his English Accent. Perhaps a bit pretentious but… still interesting, and a little like theatre. He also was rumoured to date students… but I digress!)

Anyways, I had it in my head that I was going to do a series of seven works – one for each day of creation – based on Milton’s descriptions.

I think I may have thrown together 5 before I had to move on in class, and really maybe only 3 of those got the attention they deserved from me. But this one has something…

I’d love to hear what you think it is.

Looking through my works I am beginning to think it marked the start of some major themes in my work that I am still exploring today.


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  1. date students, eh? exciting! did he ever date… YOU!? i had a boss in uni who was rumoured to have TOUCHED students. he was a prof that was not supposed to close the door if there were female students in the room with him.

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