A More Modern Fairytale – Daydreamer

Day Dreamer - acrylic painting by artist Laura Tetrault

I LOVE a good story.

I love the old fairytales – even with all their dark spots. Daydreamer looks a little fairytale-ish to me. Perhaps she is the slightest bit `Little Match Girl`not completely, but maybe just a little around the edges.

She could be a little bit Psyche, after she has discovered her Cupid.

Maybe that is closest to her story. Or perhaps you might fill in the blanks for yourself.

I had a lot of fun creating her – she is very spontaneous, and traces back to my watercolour roots. I love that acrylics can be almost anything you want them to be, the only thing they might have a hard time looking like is a pastel painting!

Need more details… take a peek at Daydreamer with high rez photos on Etsy.


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