A Little Eye Candy – Big THANKYOU Project Art by Londonartgirl

Here are the first three paintings I’ll be mailing as thankyou gifts to my friends and fans.

Eye candy I hope, and more. As I paint these images I try to think about what I know about a person – or what I can guess, and I mix that information up with the colours and styles that the individual has given me with their responses to the Big THANKYOU Project.

Alchemy is fun.

Ps. Sorry for the wonky formating if you are viewing this on the website and not through RSS. I ‘ve fooled around with it and it absolutely refuses to make any sense!

Ps.s. What do you think – what kind of person do you think would enjoy paintings like these?


One response to “A Little Eye Candy – Big THANKYOU Project Art by Londonartgirl”

  1. Eye Candy is definitely the right word! Emilia got her painting back – framed. It looks INCROYABLE!!! So Jenna went to your blog to look at more eye jewels. Lurvely!

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