5 Ways To Start Your Art Collection On A Budget

Love art but don’t want to turn your wallet into a moth motel? 

Want something better than a Walmart print but not sure that “real art” can be affordable?

Read on, dear reader!

Original art is one of a kind. It creates a focal point on your wall. Art can start conversations, and it says something about you and your personal style in a completely different way than the sofa you bought or inherited a few years ago.

The best thing about original art is that it can be affordable.  There are ways to fill your walls without completely emptying your wallet in the process.


Buy Local: Art, like produce, is created everywhere. While the “BIG” important names may charge thousands of dollars for small canvases, you can find art you love in the most surprising places for a lot less that you think. If your city or town doesn’t have a local gallery, ask around for names of artists in your area. Check out local framers – they often hang work by local artists in their shops. Look at the art on the walls of your favourite restaurant or coffee shop. Starbucks often hangs the work of local artists in its shops and the art is usually for sale. And what you will find most often is that instead of $1000 the art in unusual areas may start at $50.


Visit Art Fairs: “Art in the Park” could happen in your city under a host of names and for as long as a week or as short as an afternoon or two. It could be hosted by the city or held in a church basement. No matter where it is held or what it is called these art fairs are great places to meet local and travelling artists in person and seeing a lot of art. Unless your fair says “original art only” expect to see a large number of reproductions of paintings mixed in with one of a kind art, jewellery and food.  Art in the Park is a great afternoon out  and also a great way to find something you love with a price you can love too.

Peaceful Park
Peaceful Park

Ask For A Tour Of An Artist’s Studio Many artists are happy to talk about their work and flattered that you want to know more. Some artists have private studio parties where they invite friends and clients to see and buy their new works. Others have studio sales where you can get a good look at all kinds of art and pick up a piece or two at a great price.


Talk To A Dealer If you find that you have fallen in love with a painting asking your dealer what purchasing options he offers is a good way to make art more affordable.  Every dealer would rather have art on your walls than on hers and often dealers will offer payment plans, or trial periods where you can take the work home and live with it for a while before deciding to make a larger purchase.




Art on your wall
Art on your wall

Take A Look Online:  EBAY, Etsy.com, and artist’s personal websites and blogs are great places to browse.  You can see all different kinds of art from the comfort of your computer chair. If you aren’t sure what you like, the Internet is a great place to start – see as much art as you can. I should include a buyer beware here –  it is important to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller, and that you avoid paying by money orders or cheques when making online purchases. Use Paypal or other protected means of payment just to keep your purchase simple.


For more thoughts on adorning your home with art check out this article.


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      I just wanted to thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right – it does matter what you are looking for. You aren’t likely to find a genuine Picasso on Ebay – at the same time someone shopping for Picasso probably has a very different idea of “budget” than I do. =)

      Daily painters also are a great source of budget friendly work and they produce a whole host of subjects in a variety of sizes (although many of them are smaller).

      Here’s just one link to a group of artists who produce work daily.

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