30 Days of Art: Day 29 (Abstracts)

Wild Places - small abstract acrylic painting on paper“Wild Places”


Abstracts for me are part of those places where the “wild things are”. Wild Places is moody and full of obscured things and misty areas.  Texture and brushstrokes hint at things that only your imagination can completely flesh out.



2 responses to “30 Days of Art: Day 29 (Abstracts)”

  1. I really LOVE this one, Laura. It’s been so much fun following your 30 Days of Art. I’m glad the abstracts were last, in a way… they are my favorites of all! I have really enjoyed your commentary on each one, too… so interesting to have that insight into your process. Wonderful work! Are you sad it’s over? Or relieved? 🙂

    • I’m planning my next challenge =)
      It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot. So I am going to enjoy a little break and then I’m going to be jumping back in!

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