30 Days of Art: Day 28 (Abstracts)

The Mountain - small abstract acrylic painting on paper by londonartgirlMoutain

As I was working last night I began to see mountains in the paintings that I had feared were just blobs of paint. This piece was the final painting I played with last night and ofcourse it is the one I have decided to show today. That tends to be the way of things for me.

Abstracts are a great place to bring your imagination to. You can project your own stories onto these paintings, or you can enjoy them for their colours, shapes and lines. When I view art I prefer titles that give clues instead of “Abstract 387”, so I have included them, but feel free to ignore my suggestions if you like.




2 responses to “30 Days of Art: Day 28 (Abstracts)”

  1. Laura look how close you are to being finished your challenge! How are you feeling about it nearly being complete? Sense of relief? Loss? Pride? Astonishment?

    • Well – when I realized yesterday that it was all over but the singing it was pretty awesome. I’ve always admired daily painters but at the same time never thought I could do anything like a painting a day. So I made it and then I realized I was done and went to bed at 7:30pm!

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