30 Days of Art: Day 27 (Abstracts)

Compass - small abstract acrylic painting on paper

Maybe I’m title-ing things in line with my unconscious thoughts about abstract paintings. At work last night I really struggled with this series. I didn’t “feel like it”, things weren’t coming together. I felt like I was slapping paint on the paper just to scrape it off again. Sometimes when I paint abstracts I stumble onto a path early on and follow it to the end. Not last night! There were no paths in sight.

I was lost.

When I looked at what I had this morning with new eyes, this painting stood out to me. I thought about the darker marks and how they were arranged in a circular pattern, like points on a compass.

Creating abstract art for me is like being dropped into the center of a vast field where I can’t see the edges. Eventually I pick a direction and start moving hoping that as I put in the effort I will begin to see some good progress.

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