30 Days of Art: Day 18 (Shoes!)

Starry Night“Starry Night”


I know, I am being pretty daring (to say the least) to use the same name as one of the great masters for my painting.  If you are unfamiliar with VanGogh’s “Starry Night” you can take a peek here.


But I couldn’t help it – when this one came out I imeadiately thought of VG with his linear, choppy, sketch-y painting style, and my second thought was “If I ever walk the red carpet, I’d want to do it in shoes like these.”

Those two thoughts were enough to make it too hard to walk away from such a fun title.



I haven’t mentioned it lately, but all of the paintings from the 30 Days of Art are available for $25 each through my Etsy shop. If you love one, don’t hesitate too long because they are beginning to disappear – and free shipping ends Nov 30.


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