30 Days of Art: Day 17 (Shoes!)


Danger and beauty.

I LOVE the look of the Stiletto heel – pointy and beautiful with an air of danger. You could put out an eye with that heel or get it stuck in the sidewalk/grate/lawn…

Have you ever tried to walk across a wet-ish lawn in heels? Its like aerating the yard by hand. Soggy and highly unpleasant.

Anyway, back to more beautiful things – a woman has to have confidence to go prancing around in a shoe like this. Especially if you are a woman like me – who happens to be close to 6 ft tall without any help. But there is nothing like a strappy stiletto to make you feel a bit fierce.



The Stiletto heel was named for the Stiletto dagger. That is your free piece of relatively useless trivia for the day.


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  1. I got stuck in the park during wedding party photos. Worst part was that i kept accidentally stepping on the bride’s dress, forcing it into the ground 🙁

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