30 Days of Art: Day 16



This painting was a little slower than some in coming but it makes perfect sense to end the Coffee Shops series with this image.

We don’t really go to coffee shops for the coffee. We can make that at home. We go to find connection with other people, or even to be with other people.  I hear that freelancers and writers and other work for yourself types frequent coffee shops just for that reason (or it could be the Wi-fi).

 The ambience doesn’t hurt but it is the relationship that is the primary need.


2 responses to “30 Days of Art: Day 16”

  1. I like this one! I need to spend more time at a coffeeshop, I think. I used to go every tuesday with a group of yarners from CK, and we’d have our stitch n bitch. I really treasured that time, but then summer came and it fizzled out. Now we meet once a month at ARTspace for Mesh Night, which is very different – and cool – but not the same feel.

    • There is something about good company and a hot beverage.. and maybe the intimacy of the coffee shop helps because you may not feel the need to “work the room” like you might at Mesh Night?

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