30 Days of Art: Day 12 (Coffee Shops)



When I first spied these women in my local coffee shop I thought “these girls are having an after yoga coffee”. I didn’t overhear any of their conversation but as I sketched and thought about it more I imagined that maybe these girls get together every week to connect, to be just Jane instead of Tommy’s mommy, Rick’s wife and Janice’s boss.

It is amazing how easy it is to lose your identity in what you do and who is connected to you.  That’s why friends are so great. Because you have always been “just Jane” to them, and you will always be Jane first no matter how many diverse roles or hangers-on you aquire.

Of course that could just be me… but I like the chance to be “Just Laura” and I take it every chance I get. “Artsy friend” is one of my favourite roles.


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