30 Days of Art: Day 11 (Coffee Shop)

The Coffee Date“The Coffee Date”

Ever been “out for coffee”? Its the date that isn’t. You can go, and if things don’t work out you can say that you just went as friends. Watching people in coffee shops is fascinating. But that could be because I’m too nosey for my own good.

I like to invent stories about the interactions I see around me. This woman clearly has a point of view. It is like she is saying “Well, its like I told you…” with her body language.

I wonder, at the end of this coffee date, will the couple find an “interest” or just a friend?


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  1. Haha… i’ve had a coffe shop date. it was awful. The worst date EVER! he didn’t even order anything. Then he made fun of my poor scrabble skills, and looked at me funny the whole time, and then afterwards outside, he asked for a hug then JUMPED INTO MY ARMS. he thought he was SO funny. it was ridiculous.

    • That was an AWFUL date! Did you drop him on the ground?? That would have been funny. =) Has it ruined you for coffee shops for life? (Even in Paris?)

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