30 Days of Art: Day 1 (Ladies First)


A Little Mystery“A Little Mystery”

Even though it has taken me till 8pm on the night of November first to get the first painting photographed, edited and corrected as much as possible I am still starting the 30 Days of Art as promised on November 1, 2009.

If you are just joining the conversation, let me bring you up to speed.

I had heard of other artists challenging themselves to create 30 works of art in 30 days earlier this year, and the idea intrigued me. But starting something like that in the middle of summer for me is asking to fail. I’m sure I am not the only one with lots of things on the calendar in the summer months.  So I stored the idea away for a little bit.

“And besides,” I said to myself. “I don’t have the time to do something that big with a husband a two year old and a house to take care of. Maybe I’d do it if there were a few less paintings invovled.”

But I just couldn’t let the challenge go.

So I started to think of ways I could make it work in my situation.

What if the paintings were small, and on 300lb watercolour paper and illustration board that I had in my studio? Could I create 30 little paintings if they didn’t all have to be about the same things? What if I created themes?

So here is my plan of attack.

I came up with 6 themes with 5 paintings based on each theme.  Voila! 30 paintings.

My themes are “Women”, “Abstracts”, “Tea/Coffee”, “Florals”, “Shoes” and “Coffee Shops”.

Need a great gift for yourself?

The paintings you will see this month as part of the 30 DOA (and I might be DOA -dead on arrival- when I get to the end of this) are all hand painted, original artworks. They are 5 by 7 inches so they will fit a standard 5×7 frame. Each painting is created on extremely heavy weight watercolour paper (300lb Arches Cold Press for those who want to know) or illustration board – I like the heavy weight stuff and also it makes them easy to mail successfully. Which leads me to the next part. Each painting will be for sale in my new Etsy shop for $25 USD shipping INCLUDED. The shop will show detail images of the paintings and give a little more info about each individual work.

I’m already enjoying this journey, I hope you’ll be willing to come along with me and share some of your thoughts along the way.


I’ve already notified the winners of the “Confessions and Bribery” giveaway but to recap they are:

Jen M., Jenn S., Jason S., Amanda D., Christa M., and Patti D.

Congratulations everyone – happy looking and I look forward to hearing which works you select as your prize.


Its a little trickier than I thought photographing these small images and for now I’ve lost the light. I will get some sharper, better images as soon as I can get some decent light.


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