100 Paintings in 100 days….Crazy! I LIKE It!

I’ve been feeling rather under-inspired lately. Not completely uninspired but feeling like my work could be pushed farther. That I could do something more exciting with it.

Then I notice that one of the artists I follow was almost finished completing this challenge and something about it grabbed me.

I’ve done 30 days of painting in a row – it was fantastic and busy and a little bit crazy.

So I toyed with it.

Could I complete 100 paintings in 100 days and raise two little girls and occasionally see my husband? Would my house be livable?? Would someone remember to feed our faithful side-bunny Alex?

It is crazy.

But I can’t get the idea out of my head. (This sounds familiar. I’m sure I said something like this last time I did something big.)

SO I am going to GO FOR IT.

But I am modifying it slightly.

I will complete 100 paintings – but I will be completing 5 paintings per week instead of seven.  That will give me time to do what I need to do and be a good mommy and wife and person 😉  And not say ” I can’t do that right now/get that right now honey, /Don’t talk to me anymore, Mommy is working.” every five minutes, everyday of the week.

SO by my calculations the 100th painting will be due on June 19th.

I’m not making a size restriction – I have a feeling most paintings will be small but… you never know!  It might be interesting to have different sized works.

I’m going to work in Themes – 10 paintings in a row of the same theme – like fashion, flowers, children, spring, forbidden or lost love, hope, faith, old stories, fairytales….

I’d love to hear your suggestions for what themes you would like to see. As of the writing of this post I haven’t decided what all the themes will be but guess what, I have time to do that!

Post your suggestions in the comments or on my Facebook Page


2 responses to “100 Paintings in 100 days….Crazy! I LIKE It!”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Go for it! I like your themes idea. Perhaps one could be on children’s games, toys or something. I also like the idea of taking the weekends off. When I did my 100 in 100 days, I found that the weekend pieces weren’t always as “up to snuff” as the weekday pieces. I don’t know why…perhaps because my heart wasn’t in it as much on the weekends. But it was a fun project! I got a real sense of accomplishment out of it, gained new fans and made a lot of friends through it. I wish you the best!

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the ideas – I like the idea of toys/games too. I’ll have to get sketching :)Thanks for the encouragement!


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