Violin III – When Your Heart Sings


The acrylic painting, Violin III, celebrates vibrancy and life expressed through strains and strings

The violin is said to be the instrument that is closest to mimicing the sound of a human voice. It’s a complicated instrument, capable of expressing a wide range of emotions. Violins often seem like they are singing to me.

When I think of  the violin singing, and colours like this I can’t help thinking about The Blues. I am sure that is an odd connection!  The Blues can be raw, soulful, and passionate – they are never sit-on-the-fence kind of tunes. If music had colours, the Blues would have colours like this violin. Colours that are rich, and deep and that vibrate off each other. They’re soulful. There is something beyond the surface and they belong in a night club with ATMOSPHERE.

Like it or not – Jazz and the Blues have a way of getting inside you. The music Jazz artists create has a way of  making something inside you ache with them, feel with them and sing with them.  What resonates with you?


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